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Mort is a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. Published in 1987, it is the fourth Discworld novel and the first to focus on the character Death, who only appeared as ...

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Mort is both a given name and surname. Mort is a surname or family name in the United Kingdom, traditionally found in North West England, especially Lancashire.

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mort 1 (môrt) n. The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer. [Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer-in Indo ...

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"Look at that guy with the tamato sauce stained shirt, why won't he wash it off? What a fucking Mort!"

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mort Zuckerman on why Geithner might be reading the trends through rose-colored glasses.

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Early Life. Mort is of an unknown age, for his first appearance in the Madagascar movie. He is believed to have had some close calls with the fossa, because he is ...

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Definition of MORT 1 : a note sounded on a hunting horn when a deer is killed 2 : killing 1 ADVERTISEMENT Origin of MORT probably alteration of Middle English mot ...

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Mort (short for Mortimer) is a young boy from the Ramtops, son of Lezek. He was very thin during his childhood, and he lived at his father's farm until he was old ...

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Mort was born on the planet Kamino, one of the many clone troopers grown as part of the Republic's clone army. He was trained as a clone commando, joining with three ...

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