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Amiga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Amiga is a family of personal computers sold by Commodore in the 1980s and 1990s. Based on the Motorola 68000 family of microprocessors, the machine has a custom ...

Amiga 500 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Amiga 500 - also known as the A500 (or its code name "Rock Lobster") - was the first "low-end" Commodore Amiga 16/32-bit multimedia home/personal computer.

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Spanish Etymology . From Latin amīca. Noun . amiga f ‎(plural amigas, masculine amigo) feminine equivalent of amigo, friend; Usage notes . The noun ...

The World's Premier site for News, Events, and resources relating to the Amiga Computer.

Amiga Forever - Amiga Emulation, Games, History and Support ...

Award-winning Amiga emulator software, games, demoscene, history, services and support for Amiga users and enthusiasts.

Welcome to AmigaOS | AmigaOS

The authentic Amiga experience with the original Amiga Operating System. AmigaOS 4.1 is coming and has seen no less than 6 free major updates and at least 88 smaller ...

Lemon Amiga - Games, Download, Emulator, Cheats & Forum

An interactive Amiga games database with screenshots, reviews, ratings, docs, cheats, walkthroughs, downloads, videos, emulators, music and a forum. - The Amiga Computer Community Portal Website

Latest Amiga Computer News, Amiga Discussion Forums, Amiga FAQs and Amiga Technical Support

Amiga History Guide

Welcome to the Amiga History Guide - the largest Amiga history site in the world! This site examines a kaleidoscope of topics, ranging from Amiga Inc's early foray ...

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