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In the Hippocratic Corpus (mostly fifth to fourth centuries BC) honey was prescribed as medicine in many formats, but most commonly as hydromel (honey and water) or ...

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Mead was also popular in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic states. In the Polish language mead is called miód pitny ([ˈmiut ˈpitnɨ]), meaning "drinkable honey".

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Hydromel is a beverage. Some people interpret the name to mean "watered down" honey, but it isn't at all, it just means that it's made with water and honey.



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hydromel ‎(countable and uncountable, plural hydromels) A liquor consisting of honey diluted in water; mead prior to fermentation. Part or all of this ...

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Original Receipt in 'The Closet Of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight, Opened ' HYDROMEL AS I MADE IT WEAK FOR THE QUEEN MOTHER Take 18 quarts of spring-water, and one quart of ...

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Hydromel definition, a liquor consisting of honey and water that, when fermented, becomes mead. See more.

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Hydromel was useful in any acute disease (it was considered more strengthening than wine), as a diuretic and in diluted form as expectorant.

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Hydromel. 130 likes · 1 talking about this. HYDROMEL /hidro mel/ n. A drink made of honey mixed in water. During ancients Greek times hydromel, the first...


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