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Mort is a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. Published in 1987, it is the fourth Discworld novel and the first to focus on the character Death, who only appeared as ...

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Mort is both a given name and surname. Mort is a surname or family name in the United Kingdom, traditionally found in North West England, especially Lancashire.

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mort 1 (môrt) n. The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer. [Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer-in Indo ...

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"Look at that guy with the tamato sauce stained shirt, why won't he wash it off? What a fucking Mort!"

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mort Zuckerman on why Geithner might be reading the trends through rose-colored glasses.

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Early Life. Despite the fact that Mort looks and most of the time acts like a child, the creators of the Madagascar movie Have stated that he is 35 years old.

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Definition of MORT 1 : a note sounded on a hunting horn when a deer is killed 2 : killing 1 ADVERTISEMENT Origin of MORT probably alteration of Middle English mot ...

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Mort (short for Mortimer) is a young boy from the Ramtops, son of Lezek. He was very thin during his childhood, and he lived at his father's farm until he was old ...

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Mort was born on the planet Kamino, one of the many clone troopers grown as part of the Republic's clone army. He was trained as a clone commando, joining with three ...

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