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Ground-based observatories, located on the surface of Earth, are used to make observations in the radio and visible light portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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This is a list of astronomical observatories ordered by name, along with initial dates of operation (where an accurate date is available) and location.

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New! Easy ordering system for observatories. Select your observatory and follow the instructions to add any of the relevent observatory accessories that you may need ...

Pulsar Observatory Observatories


Pulsar Observatories high quality 2.2 metre dome is perfect for up to 12" telescopes and a variety of installations, also ideal for societies, schools, etc.

Amateur Astronomical Observatories - The Nine Planets


Examples of small observatories that individual amateur astronomers have built for personal use. I started this list when doing research before building my own ...

Noémie Goudal: Observatoires - The Photographers' Gallery


Description. Noémie Goudal’s book Observatoires depicts black and white photographs, showing bare, concrete structures orientated towards the sky.

Observatoires - Noémie Goudal


Noémie Goudal is a visual artist working with photography, film and installation.




Sirius Observatories UK


Welcome to Sirius Observatories UK Updated 04.03.13 *Click here for What's New* Sirius observatories UK was established in 2002 to supply high end astronomical ...

UK Bird Observatories Council


UK Bird Observatories Council

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