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A tsunami (plural: tsunamis or tsunami; from Japanese: 津波, lit. "harbor wave"; English pronunciation: / t s uː ˈ n ɑː m i /) , also known as a seismic sea ...

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Get Tsunami facts, photos, wallpapers, news and safety tips at National Geographic.

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Random facts about tsunamis, including history, amazing statistics, causes and effects, current events, and more.

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Watch interesting BBC video clips full of facts about tsunamis - massive deadly waves triggered by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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The JATWC utilises national capacity where available to provide notification and verification of earthquakes that may generate tsunamis.

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Tsunamis are giant, powerful waves most often caused by earthquakes beneath the ocean floor. Their incredible power can destroy entire communities, then drag the ...

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A tsunami (pronounced sue-nahm-ee) is a series of huge waves that can cause great devastation and loss of life when they strike a coast. Tsunamis are caused by an ...

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A tsunami is a series of ocean waves generated by sudden displacements in the sea floor, landslides, or volcanic activity.

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Tsunamis (pronounced soo-ná-mees), also known as seismic sea waves (mistakenly called “tidal waves”), are a series of enormous waves created by an underwater ...

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography, defining tsunamis and describing their impact - includes a case study on the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004.


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