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La variole ou petite vérole est une maladie infectieuse d'origine virale, très contagieuse et épidémique, due à un poxvirus. Le mot variole vient du latin varus ...

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Smallpox was an infectious disease caused by either of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor. [1] The disease is also known by the Latin names Variola ...

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noun 1. a shallow pit or depression like the mark left by a smallpox pustule; foveola. 2. a light-colored spherule, common in some igneous rocks, that gives a ...

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variole (ˈvɛərɪˌəʊl) n (Geological Science) any of the rounded masses that make up the rock variolite [C19: from French, from Medieval Latin; see variola]

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La variole est une affection contagieuse aiguë, causée par le virus variolique. Elle se transmet d’un individu à l’autre par des particules en suspension ou ...

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Definition of “variole” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with insights ...

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La terrible epidemie de variole, qui frappe Montreal de plein fouet I'annee suivante, a raison des dernieres reticences de I'administration publique provinciale.


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