A new way to fund your non-profit

Users activate Donation mode on Qwant.com, the search engine that respects the privacy of its users.
Users then choose an association they wish to support. Why not yours?
For each search, the results and advertisements displayed automatically generate Qoz, the participation token used by Qwant Causes.
Qwant pays an amount related to the participation in the HelloAsso account you opened beforehand.

HelloAsso, the payment solution of Qwant Causes

To all of you who choose to act together

HelloAsso allows associations to receive payments over the internet. Since 2009, HelloAsso has made its tools available free of charge to all clubs and associations in France to save them time in managing their activities.

Why should I sign up my association with Qwant Causes ?

Fund your association through user searches

By choosing your association as a favorite association on Qwant Causes, internet users can help fund it without spending a dime. You'll be proposing your community a new way to support your projects while addressing a new audience!


Give more visibility to your association

Reinforce your notoriety and your communication! Your association will benefit from a dedicated page on Qwant Causes where all internet users will be able to discover its actions and news.

Get access to free HelloAsso tools

By subscribing to Qwant Causes, you get all HelloAsso tools for free! They will save you time in managing the activities of your association, from membership to the organization of events.

Are you a non-profit? Sign up for Qwant Causes

Qwant Causes lets associations benefit from a new, alternative, ethical, internet-based method of funding. By signing up your association on Qwant Causes, you give each person the opportunity to dedicate their internet searches to your cause. To let you benefit from this new way of fundraising, Qwant uses HelloAsso, the top payment solution for the world of non-profits.

In order to register on Qwant Causes, your organization must have one of the following statuses :

  • Association recognized to be of public utility
  • Recognized Association of General Interest
  • Foundation
  • Endowment fund

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