Why the name "Qwant"?
The name "Qwant" comes from a mixture of ideas. The Q of Qwant comes from "Quantity", evoking the quantity of data processed by the search engine, and "want" is the contraction of the english term "wanted".
Where is Qwant located?
Our headquarters are in Paris, the Research and Development hub is in Nice, and the Security department is in Rouen. Our servers are also located in France.


Why create a Qwant account?
Having a Qwant account comes with several benefits, the first being the definition of your preferences. You can therefore choose which categories are displayed and which options are activated. These settings will be saved every time you connect through the use of cookies. The creation of a Qwant account also gives you the option of saving your "favourites", i.e., the websites that you want to appear on your home page. At the same time, with a Qwant account, you’ll be able to access notebooks, and create and manage notes.
We practice "Data minimisation". That means that when you create a Qwant account we collect the least amount of data required in order to provide you access to our service. That’s one of our commitments as it relates to private life.
How do I access my Qwant account?
To access your account, simply click on the Login link on the top right-hand side of the page. You will be asked to provide an email address and a password.
Have you lost your password?
You must follow a password recovery process accessible by clicking on "Forgot your password?" on the login page. It will ask you to submit the email address with which you registered. You will then receive an email containing a link to where you can create your new password.


What are bookmarks for?
Thanks to bookmarks, you can save your favorite internet sites! No need to look them up any more, sign in to your Qwant profile and access them with one click.
Where can I find my bookmarks?
Once you have logged into your Qwant account, you can find and manage your bookmarks from the homepage below the search field here
How do you use your bookmarks?
Add, organize, delete or change your bookmarks!
Add an internet site by using the box "Add a bookmark" or directly by clicking on the little star near the results, then organize them by moving the boxes up or down so that they are in the order you'd like. Bookmarks may be deleted or changed by using the pencil icon at the top right of the selected bookmark.
Please note, you must be signed in to your Qwant account to save all these changes.


What is Qwick?
Qwick is a function of Qwant that allows you to create shortcuts of specific sites. Just enter the '&' sign followed by your favorite site (for example Amazon) and you will be immediately taken there! A great way to optimize your searches and save valuable time! Find a TV on &leboncoin, music on &deezer and movies informations on &imdb — all one click away!

How to make a search more specific?

How to use search operators to refine a search?
Search operators allow you to get more specific results. How to use them? The following expressions can be added to your query in order to make your search more precise.
ORSearch for the first or second keyword or both. Ex: cat OR dog
« »Search for an exact phrase. Ex: "funny cat"
-Exclude words following the minus sign from the query. Ex: cat -kitten
site:Search specifically from a given website. Ex: site:wikipedia.org cat
filetype:Search for a specific file format. Ex: filetype:pdf cat

How to use Qwant by default?

How do I set Qwant as the default search engine on my browser?
To set Qwant as default search engine on your Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera browser, follow the instructions detailed on this page. For Safari and Internet Explorer, it is currently impossible to add Qwant to the list of search engines. However, you can set Qwant as your homepage as explained here or install our extension.
How do I make Qwant the homepage on my browser ?
To set Qwant as homepage on your Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera browser, follow the instructions detailed on this page.
Why and how to install the Qwant extension on my browser?
With the Qwant extension, all of the web is accessible on one single page!
The Qwant extension compliments your search experience with added and more detailed information. It is also a shortcut to your favorite search engine. To learn more about the extension and how to install it, go to this page.


What are boards?
The boards application by Qwant allows internet users to express themselves and share webpages as notes. Each board consists of one or more notes that other users can follow.
How to add a board or a note?
Once you have logged into your Qwant account, you can post a note or create a board by clicking on the « My boards » button in the left menu sidebar. Then click on « Create a public board » or « Create a private board » if you do not want it to be visible by other users. You also have the option to add a note directly from the Qwant search results using the share button as you can see below.
How can I change or delete a note or a board?
To change the title, description or even the category to which a board is assigned, go to "My space". Click on "Edit board" or, if the board is already open, click on the green button "Edit". The edition panel will open on the right. This also lets you change the permissions for posting comments or set your board to public or private. You also have the option here to delete the board by clicking "Delete this board" at the bottom of the edition panel.
To edit or delete a note, simply open the board containing the note you want to edit and click on the edit icon at the top right corner of the note. Here you can set the note as the board’s cover, copy it into one of your board, delete it or edit it.
How do I follow a board?
To follow a board of another user and get their latest news, go to that board and click on the green button "Follow". You can then find the boards you are following in "My space" in the left sidebar.
How to share my opinion?
You like a board or a note of a user? You have an opinion on a note and want to share it with others? You can leave a comment on a note and/or "like" it. To leave a comment, simply open the board containing the note you would like to comment on. Here you will find a comment section below each note.
To "like" a note, simply click on the thumbs up button of that note.


Our commitments to protect your privacy
The Qwant philosophy is based on two principles: no user tracking and no filter bubble. We are committed to respecting user privacy while ensuring a safe environment and relevant results. For more information on Qwant's confidentiality policy, consult our Privacy Page.
What is secure browsing?
Qwant pledges to make every effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data. Thus, your research isn’t associated with your IP address in accordance with the data protection authorities’ recommendations. Moreover, we allow you to search safely by banning the use of any advertising tracker that would determine your profile for commercial purposes. The only technology likely to be set up on the user’s computer is called “local storage”. It is used for optimizing the user experience by saving the connection settings (language, activation or deactivation of Trends, Safesearch and Favicon). With all these elements, Qwant offers you an anonymous and safe navigation.


We're hiring!
We are constantly searching for new talent! Are you a JAVA, QA, or System engineer? Are you looking for new challenges? Does the project interest you? Would you like to participate in becoming a part of one of our teams? Send your application at jobs@qwant.com. We will review it and get back to you!
How do I contact Qwant?
If you have not found the answer to your questions here, you can write us using the contact form.

Qwant JUNIOR, the safe version for your children

What is Qwant Junior?
Qwant Junior provides a search engine directed to 6 to 13-old children. It is based on qwant.com values such as the user’s privacy. Qwant Junior doesn’t retain the children’s search history, doesn’t track its users, doesn’t show any advertising or market products and offers a search without inappropriate results and with an enhancement of educational websites.
  • Qwant Junior strives to filter results related to pornography, explicit violence, drugs or incitement to racial hatred.
  • The “Education” tab gathers the results from recognized educational websites.
However, Qwant Junior isn’t a parental control tool: it did not control access to the computer or use of the web browser.
How does it work?
We have specifically developed for Qwant Junior an analysis technology for metadata, photos, comments, keywords… This technology allows us to put on a gradually enriched blacklist all content on violence, pornography, drugs and inciting hatred. It also takes part in the whitelist on the “Education” tab to showcase the websites which educational content is recognized.
How do I access to Qwant Junior?
Qwant Junior is completely free and accessible to all from the address qwantjunior.com. You can find the search suggestions selected for children and the “trends of the day” on the homepage. We invite you to register to benefit from advanced features such as Boards.
There is also a Qwant Junior version reserved for education professionals and their students: it is available on edu.qwantjunior.com. We encourage you to use it if you are one of them.

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