2 Spicy

2 Spicy

Genre: Action, Combat

2 SPICY: Too Spicy is an Duel Light gun shooter hybrid arcade game developed by Sega. The game is played similarly to Time Crisis in that the player uses pedals to hide and appear from cover. Unlike Time Crisis (prior to Time Crisis 5), House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, there are two pedals to the left and right from where the player should rest a foot. Pressing a pedal will move the character in the respective direction from cover to cover. While the character moves, the player shoots enemies. The…

Credits Release date

Release date 2007
Developer Sega
Genre Action, Combat
Publisher Sega
Platforms Arcade


Vidéo - Too Spicy (2Spicy) - OST intégrale de Too Spicy (2Spicy)

sega-mag.com 08/20/2017

Vidéo OST intégrale de Too Spicy (2Spicy) de Too Spicy (2Spicy). Retrouvez d'autres vidéos et bandes annonces sur Arcade avec SEGA-Mag.com



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LOST GAMES : 2 Spicy - the arcade game that never got ...
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