Achtung, die Kurve!

Achtung, die Kurve!

Genre: Stratégie

Achtung, die Kurve!, also known as Zatacka or simply Achtung, is a freeware, multiplayer DOS computer game that supports from two-player up to eight-player gaming simultaneously. The game is a clone of the lesser known Cervi (Worms) from 1993, differing in that the lines now have holes. Author is Filip Oscadal, aka Fred Brooker, from the Czech Republic who made this game, together with Kamil Dolezal, for Amiga incl. music, sound effects and gfx background (worm speed depending on the picture). T…

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Release date 1995
Developer Filip Oščádal and Kamil Doležal
Genre Stratégie
Platforms Microsoft Dos


Test Curve Fever sur PC 12/23/2016

Retrouvez le test de Curve Fever sur PC du 04/07/2012. Basé sur le même principe que le jeu du serpent et les anciens jeux d'arcade type Tron, Achtung, die Kurve!...



Achtung Die Kurve - Curve Fever - Play Achtung Die Kurve ...
Play Achtung, die Kurve! Flash Remake, a free online game ...
Achtung Die Kurve - Curve Fever - Play on Crazy Games
Achtung Die Kurve - Curve Fever - Play on Crazy Games
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