Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

Genre: Aventure, Jeu de rôle

Arcane Legends is a hack and slash multiplayer mobile game developed by Spacetime Studios, which had previously also developed several similar games such as Pocket legends, Dark legends, and Star legends. Since its launch, the game also appeared in the Chrome Store for users of the computer. The game is powered by a vast number of microtransactions, which have received criticism by a large portion of the player base and caused an exodus of a considerable number of members of the game's community…

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Release date 2012
Genre Aventure, Jeu de rôle


Zander le magnifique, le nouveau champion est disponible sur Battlerite ! - Battlerite - GAMEWAVE 01/18/2018

Après Alysia le splendide mage de glace, Battlerite annonce, pour notre plus grand plaisir, un nouveau champion baptisé Zander le magnifique et qui



Arcane Legends Game Review -
Arcane Legends Game Review -
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Arcane Legends Game Review -
Arcane Legends Game Review -



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