Armada 2526

Armada 2526

2009 (03/05/2011)

Genre: 4X

Armada 2526 is a 4X science fiction computer strategy game developed by Ntronium Games, released in North America on November 17, 2009. Armada 2526 is an example of the space opera genre, and is the spiritual successor of the game Armada 2525, which was released by Interstel in 1991. Armada 2526 puts players in charge of a fledgling galactic empire, and they must attempt to explore the galaxy and expand their territory, while trying to destroy rival empires. The gameplay is a hybrid of turn-base…

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Official site
Release date 03/05/2011
Developer Ntronium Games
Genre 4X
Publisher Tri Synergy Iceberg Interactive
Platforms Microsoft Windows


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Armada 2526
Armada 2526
Armada 2526
Armada 2526
Armada 2526



steam 60 / 100
Total 60 / 100



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