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Armored Brigade

Armored Brigade

Genre: Temps réel

Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability. The first incarnation of the game was published in 2008 and the most recent version was released in January 2016; marking last freeware version to be published. A commercial version, including drastic gameplay improvements, new features and reworked unit and terrain graphics is being actively developed with scheduled completion during the fall of 2018. Players control individual tanks and vehicles from a top-do…

Credits Release date

Official site
Release date 2018
Developer Veitikka Studios
Genre Temps réel
Publisher Matrix Games
Platforms Microsoft Windows


Armored Brigade - Présentation du DLC des forces françaises et belges 11/01/2019

Zog prend son plus mauvais accent wallon et vous présente le dernier DLC de Armored Brigade, dédié aux forces françaises et belges. Ces deux armées viennent en...

Armored Brigade : Un second DLC avec les forces françaises et belges 09/18/2019

Après les forces italiennes et yougoslaves, Armored Brigade verra les armées françaises et belges débarquer le 31 octobre prochain dans un second Nation Pack...

Armored Brigade : tour d'horizon des unités françaises et belges 09/30/2019

Annoncé il y a quelques jours, le prochain Nation Pack du wargame Armored Brigade ajoutera les forces françaises et belges. Voici un petit tour d'horizon des unités...



Armored Brigade


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