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Asmik-kun Land

Asmik-kun Land

Genre: Action

Asmik-kun Land (アスミッくん ランド Asumikkun Rando') is a Famicom game published by Asmik in 1991. A pink dinosaur named Asmik-kun (named "Boomer" in the English release of Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World) seeks to recover six fragments so he can wake the dragon ruler of the world and make Asmik Land a paradise.

Credits Release date

Release date 1991
Developer Graphic Research
Genre Action
Publisher Asmik


Asmik-kun Land 12/19/2013

Asmik-kun Land est un jeu de plate formes sorti au Japon dans lequel vous incarnez un petit dragon rose qui possède la particularité de transformer ses ennemis en ?ufs...



Importer du Japon Asmik-kun Land version jap en boite sur ...
[NES] Asmik-kun Land [walkthrough] - YouTube
Asmik Kun Land [NES/Famicom] - 3 minutes in... - YouTube


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