Assault City

Assault City

1990 (02/01/1990)

Genre: Tir

Assault City is a light gun, rail shooter released for Sega Master System in 1990. There were two versions of Assault City released for the Sega Master System, the original version, which only supported the directional pad and a second edition which supported the Light Phaser gun. The two versions are distinguished by an image of a large red light phaser on the cover of the light phaser edition, though both cartridges appear identical.

Credits Release date

Release date 02/01/1990
Developer Sanritsu Denki
Genre Tir
Publisher Sega
Platforms Sega Master System


Assault City 12/19/2013

Assault City est un jeu de tir compatible avec le Light Phaser sur SEGA Master System qui vous plonge dans un monde où les machines ont pris le pouvoir et annihilent...



Assault City



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