Astro Warrior

Astro Warrior

1986 (12/14/1986)

Genre: Shoot 'em up

Astro Warrior (アストロウォリアー, Asutoro Uoriā) is a shoot 'em up video game developed and manufactured by Sega for the Master System in 1986. Set in space, the player flies a spaceship shooting enemies and collecting power-ups to reach the mother ship of an invasion force. Reception was mixed, with critics criticising the generic nature and lack of variety, and others praising the graphics. The game was re-released on the Hang-On / Astro Warrior compilation in North America, and the Astro Warrior / Pi…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/14/1986
Developer Sega
Genre Shoot 'em up
Publisher Sega
Platforms Sega Master System


Astro Warrior 12/22/2013

Astro Warrior est un shoot'em up classique sur SEGA Master System. A bord d'un vaisseau spatial, vous éliminez un maximum d'opposants en vue du dessus.



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