Babysitting Mama

Babysitting Mama

2010 (11/05/2010)

Genre: Simulation

Babysitting Mama, known in Japan as Babysitter Mama (ベビーシッターママ, Bebīshittā Mama) is a babysitting simulation-styled minigame compilation video game for the Wii console. It is the third spin-off from the Cooking Mama series; the first two were Gardening Mama and Crafting Mama. It includes a stuffed toy human baby to play with and the player slips its Wii Remote inside. It includes 50 different baby mini games and activities, like playing, washing, etc.

Crédits Date de sortie

Official site
Date de sortie 11/05/2010
Developer Cooking Mama Limited
Genre Simulation
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms Wii


Babysitting Mama annoncé sur Wii 05/12/2010

Après avoir conquis les possesseurs de DS et s'être essayée au jardinage, Mama reviendra dans un nouveau titre et une nouvelle discipline cet automne.



Babysitting Mama


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