Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bōken

Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bōken

Genre: Quiz game

Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bōken (爆裂クイズ魔Q大冒険 Bakuretsu Kuizu Ma-Kyū Dai Bōken,, "Exploding Quiz Magical Q Great Adventure") is Namco's first quiz arcade game, released exclusively in Japan in 1992 and running upon the company's then-new NA-1 hardware; it is based upon Capcom's earlier quiz games of Adventure Quiz Capcom World (1989), Adventure Quiz Hatena? Hatena? no Dai-Bōken (1990), Quiz Tonosama no Yabō (1991) and Quiz & Dragons (US, 1992). It was also the first game from the company since Toy P…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 1992
Developer Namco
Genre Quiz game
Publisher Namco
Platforms Arcade


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Game Classification : Kosodate Quiz My Angel (1996)
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