Bakushō! Star Monomane Shitennō

Bakushō! Star Monomane Shitennō

Genre: Board game

Bakushō! Star Monomane Shitennō (爆笑! スターものまね四天王, "A Hearty Laugh! Imitation of the Four Heavenly Kings Star") is a Nintendo Family Computer life simulation video game that portrays the life of either a musician or a famous performer of the monomane (模倣, "imitation") style of Japanese theatre. The object is to earn popularity while performing concert tours through the fictional city. Celebrity challenges are included in the game; they are considered to be miniature games like swimming and kicking…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 1990
Developer Pack-In-Video
Genre Board game
Publisher Pack-In-Video


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