Big Biz Tycoon

Big Biz Tycoon

2002 (05/29/2002)

Genre: Simulation

Big Biz Tycoon allows the player to try their hand in the business world. Similar to other business simulation games, the intent is for the player to become a mogul of an industry. It was developed for Microsoft Windows by Animedia, and published by Activision Value.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 05/29/2002
Developer Animedia
Genre Simulation
Publisher Activision Blizzard
Platforms Microsoft Windows


Atari voudrait proposer un RollerCoaster Tycoon sur Nintendo Switch 01/26/2018

La Nintendo Switch continue de séduire les éditeurs tiers. Atari voudrait ainsi proposer un jeu RollerCoaster Tycoon sur la dernière-née de Big N



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