Binary Land

Binary Land

1983 (12/31/1984)

Genre: Puzzle

Binary Land (バイナリィランド, Bainaryi Rando) is a puzzle video game developed by Hudson Soft in 1983 for the MSX, FM-7, NEC PC-6001, NEC PC-8801, and in 1985 for the Famicom. The MSX version saw release in Japan by Kuma Computers Ltd in 1984. While the Famicom version has 99 levels; there is no ending screen implemented in the game.

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1984
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Puzzle
Publisher Hudson Soft
Platforms Nintendo Nes


Binary Land 12/19/2013

Binary Land est un jeu de réflexion sur Nintendo. Vous contrôlez un couple de pingouins dans un labyrinthe et devez les réunir. Seul problème, quand le premier va à...



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Binary Land Download Free Game - Ocean of Games



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