Blast Em!

Blast Em!

2014 (01/22/2014)

Genre: Indie

Protect the universe from the evil Alien robots terror-bent on eliminating the Earth and all of Humanity! Take control of the ship and blast the hell out of anything that moves and if it doesn’t move – blast it anyway to be sure. Collect coins to get points and use those points to get power-ups. Choose wisely, the wrong power-up at the wrong time is the difference between a high-score and having to press ‘Play’ again.

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Release date 01/22/2014
Genre Indie


Au secours, les jeux dématérialisés disparaissent 10/20/2017

Qu'ils s'intitulent Forza Motorsport 5, Alan Wake ou Castle of Illusion, les jeux qui disparaissent des stores en ligne gonflent la liste noire des



Blast Em!
Blast Em!


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