Blitzkrieg Anthology

Blitzkrieg Anthology

2014 (09/16/2014)

Genre: Strategy

Get ready for war and use the subtle art of strategy to mount an attack on your enemy! Whether it involves intelligence and finesse or stamina and brute force, the Blitzkrieg Anthology is your theater of operations where you’ll showcase your strategic style. Launch surgically precise attacks to cripple your foe with strategic tank and air assaults while maintaining your offensive momentum. Ever wanted to see if you are a better strategist than General Erwin Rommel? Or would you prefer to side wi…

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Release date 09/16/2014
Genre Strategy
Publisher Nival


Blitzkrieg Anthology sur HistoriaGames 01/01/1970

Blitzkrieg Anthology est une compilation qui regroupe Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg : Burning Horizon, Blitzkrieg : Rolling Thunder et Blitzkrieg : Iron Division...



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steam 90 / 100
Total 91 / 100



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