Bomberman Blitz

Bomberman Blitz

2009 (10/07/2009)

Genre: Action

Bomberman Blitz is a DSiWare game developed by Hudson Soft. It supports up to eight players in local wireless and up to four players with online play. The game features 10 unique arenas, and all of the original power-ups such as faster walking, extra bomb rate and range. Taking advantage of the dual-screen Nintendo DSi, the game is played as upon one large playing field stretched across the two screens. Players can throw bombs on to the playing field from the side of the screens after they are d…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 10/07/2009
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Action
Publisher Hudson Soft


Bomberman Blitz – Le test 12/24/2015

Bien que ce soit une abeille qui apparaisse sur le logo, Bomberman est incontestablement la mascotte de Hudson Soft. Depuis ses débuts en 1983, les jeux se sont...



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