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Borderline (video game)

Borderline (video game)

Genre: Aventure, Labyrinthe, Tir, Stratégie

Borderline is a 1981 arcade game by Sega. The player controls a Jeep and has to destroy enemy refineries. There are four stages with different gameplay. The first stage plays like a vertically scrolling shooter. In the second stage, the player maneuvers his Jeep through underbrush, and enemies can only follow on its path, a concept later found in Dig Dug. Borderline was reissued later in the year with slightly altered graphics as Star Raker. It was a launch game for the SG-1000, and converted fo…

Credits Release date

Release date 1981
Developer Sega
Genre Aventure, Labyrinthe, Tir, Stratégie
Platforms Arcade


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