Brain Assist

Brain Assist

2007 (03/26/2008)

Genre: Éducation, Puzzle

Brain Assist or Touch de Uno DS is a puzzle video game released for Nintendo DS in Japan, North America, and the PAL region. Studies in the 1960s demonstrated the lateralization of brain function. The left-brain hemisphere deals with sequential analysis - reasoning using language, mathematics, abstraction and reasoning. Memory is primarily stored in a language format. The right-brain hemisphere deals with auditory, visual, and spatial concepts (art, for example) dancing and gymnastics, which is …

Credits Release date

Release date 03/26/2008
Developer Sega
Genre Éducation, Puzzle
Publisher Sega
Platforms Nintendo DS


Test Brain Assist sur DS 12/23/2016

Retrouvez le test de Brain Assist sur DS du 29/02/2008. Dans la famille Kawashima, je demande l'un des plus mauvais clones. Surfant sur la mouvance des titres...

Test Brain Assist 12/23/2016

Test Brain Assist Ne faisons pas durer le suspense plus longtemps : Brain Assist ne rend pas plus intelligent, et encore moins perspicace pour être logique...



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