Brawl Brothers

Brawl Brothers

1992 (05/15/1993)

Genre: Beat'em-up

Brawl Brothers, known in Japan as Rushing Beat Ran (ラッシング・ビート乱 複製都市, Rasshingu Biito Ran: Fukusei Toshi, "Rushing Beat Chaos: The City of Clones"), is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game developed and published by Jaleco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992. It is the second game in the Rushing Beat series, after Rival Turf!, and was followed by The Peace Keepers in 1993.

Credits Release date

Release date 05/15/1993
Developer Jaleco
Genre Beat'em-up
Publisher Jaleco
Platforms Super Nes


Brawl Brothers 04/18/2016

Brawl Brothers est un beat'em up. Vous choisirez votre personnage en début de partie, et puis vous traverserez un à un les différents niveaux.. Le jeu nous fait...



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