Break Chance Memento

Break Chance Memento

2016 (02/12/2016)

Genre: Adventure

Break Chance Memento is a story about family bonds across time and involves time travel, tracking down a serial killer, and potential gay romance. Can Shuuki save the people he cares about by traveling through time? Whether or not he makes it through to a happy ending is completely up to the player's decisions.

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Release date 02/12/2016
Genre Adventure


PTR 2.6.1 : Modifications d'équilibrage supplémentaires pour les classes et légendaires 09/14/2017

Bloodshed Has been redesigned: Deal damage equal to 20% of your recent Critical Hits to enemies within 20 yards every 1 second. Note: Bloodshed caused

PTR 2.6.1 : Nouvelles modifications d'équilibrage pour les classes et légendaires 08/22/2017

Reduced the maximum number of stacks from 500 to 100 Necromancer Skills Commanding your Skeletal Warriors will break crowd control effects on them Skeletal Warriors will...



Break Chance Memento


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