Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz

Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz

2007 (10/19/2007)

Genre: Fête

Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz is the fifth installment in the Buzz! series of video games developed for the PlayStation 2 by Relentless Software. Players have to answer questions asked by the quiz master (the eponymous Buzz) using the four Buzz! remote controls. There are two games available in the single player mode, which are Time Builder, where answering questions will gain time in the final round, and Hotseat, where players must answer as many questions as they can, using the time they accumulat…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 10/19/2007
Developer Relentless Software
Genre Fête
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platforms PlayStation 2


Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz : Test PS2 sur PlayFrance 12/23/2016

Test PS2 - Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz : Star des plateaux TV et des Family Game du type Eye Toy et autre SingStar, Buzz revient sur PlayStation 2 et s'attaque cette...



BUZZ!™ The Hollywood Quiz (Game Only) Game | PS2 - PlayStation
Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz Playstation 2 Game | Buy Games ...
BUZZ!™ The Hollywood Quiz (Game Only) Game | PS2 - PlayStation
BUZZ!™ The Hollywood Quiz (Game Only) Game | PS2 - PlayStation
Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz | PS2 Games | PlayStation



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