Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty: Zombies

Genre: Première personne, Tir

Call of Duty: Zombies is a 2009 first-person shooter video game developed by Ideaworks Game Studio, and published by Activision for iOS. It is a spin-off of the Call of Duty series, and based on the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: World at War. The game was released worldwide on November 16, 2009. The game allows for multiplayer cooperative gameplay locally via an ad hoc Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, or globally via the internet. However, restrictions can turn multiplayer off. It also comes with the …

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 2009
Developer Ideaworks Game Studio, Treyarch
Genre Première personne, Tir
Publisher Activision Blizzard
Platforms Android,Apple IOS


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