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Cap'n Magneto

Cap'n Magneto

Genre: Aventure

Cap'n Magneto is a shareware graphical adventure game for the Macintosh. The game follows Captain Lance Magneto as he attempts to capture the Crown of Control, a mind-control device being used to commit piracy around the planet Rigel IV. As he approaches the planet the device is used on his ship, causing it to crash. The player controls Magneto and tries to collect items from the map in order to capture the Crown and leave the planet.

Credits Release date

Release date 1985
Developer Al Evans
Genre Aventure
Platforms Apple Mac


8bitDo franchit un cap avec la souris N30 - Claviers, souris, tapis de souris 11/12/2019

Une nouvelle fois, 8bitDo trouve son inspiration chez Nintendo pour un produit, et avec la participation du designer Daniel Jansson (information qui



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