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Cassette 50

Cassette 50

Genre: Compilation

Cassette 50 (released in Spain as Galaxy 50 - 50 Excitantes Juegos) is a compilation of games published by Cascade Games Ltd in 1983, and is an early example of shovelware - computer software marketed primarily on the basis of its sheer quantity rather than other factors such as quality or playability. The compilation was advertised in home computer magazines, with buyers also receiving a Timex digital calculator watch with each purchase. According to the instructions, "the games will provide …

Credits Release date

Release date 1983
Developer Various
Genre Compilation
Publisher Cascade Games Ltd
Platforms Amstrad CPC,Commodore 64


Olga et les pionniers 03/11/2019

Soluce Metro Exodus. Guide de la deuxieme partie de la Taïga, Olga et les pionniers



Do Your Sums (Commodore 64 Cassette 50 Game 40)
Rats (Amstrad Cassette 50 Game 43)
Motorway (Commodore 64 Cassette 50 Game 20)
Dynamite (Commodore 64 Cassette 50 Game 39)
Attacker (ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 49)
Orbit (ZX Spectrum Cassette 50 Game 31)
Fantasy Land (Amstrad Cassette 50 Game 35)


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