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Genre: Tir, Troisième personne

Catacomb is a 2-D top-down third-person shooter created, developed, and published by Softdisk. It was originally created for the Apple II, and later ported to the PC. It should not be confused with The Catacomb, which is the second game in the series (originally named Catacomb II, but later renamed). It supports EGA and CGA graphics. All the Catacomb titles, including the Catacomb 3D games, are now distributed legally by Flat Rock Software through their own web store and via The source …

Credits Release date

Release date 1989
Developer Softdisk
Genre Tir, Troisième personne
Publisher Softdisk
Platforms Microsoft Dos


Catacombes de la ville fantôme 09/30/2019

Soluce Code Vein. Guide de la zone les Catacombes de la ville fantôme

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Arche des catacombes humides 05/16/2019

Page vous indiquant l'emplacement du point d'intérêt "Arche des catacombes humides" de Rage 2 et comment terminer tous les objectifs de cette zone

Catacombes 07/26/2019

Solution Wolfenstein : Youngblood - découvrez le cheminement complet du niveau Catacombes

Riverside 07/26/2019

Soluce Wolfenstein : Youngblood - découvrez le cheminement complet du niveau Riverside. Vous devez atteindre les catacombes de Paris

Collection des Catacombes 07/29/2019

Guide Wolfenstein : Youngblood - découvrez l'emplacement de tous les collectibles du niveau Catacombes



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