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Cloak & Dagger

Cloak & Dagger

Genre: Action, Arcade, Combat

Cloak & Dagger is an arcade game released by Atari, Inc. in March 1984 as a tie-in to the 1984 film Cloak & Dagger. The game saw limited arcade release as a conversion kit for Robotron: 2084 cabinets. The film shows an Atari 5200 version of the game, but the cartridge props are actually other 5200 games with a Cloak & Dagger label stuck on them and the screenshots are of arcade version. A 5200 port was planned, but not completed.

Credits Release date

Release date 1984
Developer Atari, Inc.
Genre Action, Arcade, Combat
Publisher Atari,Inc.
Platforms Arcade


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C'est au Royaume-Uni chez les faiseurs de jeu d'aventure de Cloak and Dagger Games que se prépare la sortie d'INCANTAMENTUM. Un point'n'click en gros pixel ancré dans...



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