Coaster Works

Coaster Works

1999 (12/09/1999)

Genre: Simulation

Coaster Works, known in Japan as Jet Coaster Dream (ジェットコースタードリーム), is a simulation game for the Dreamcast console released by Xicat Interactive on December 10, 2000. The game is a simulation of roller coaster design and construction. Each of the levels offer certain requirements that the player must meet to pass to the next level. The game starts the player off in a "kiddie" themed park and progresses to more and more difficult levels with more difficult requirements. A direct sequel titled, Je…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/09/1999
Developer Bottom Up, Bimboosoft
Genre Simulation
Publisher Xicat Interactive,Inc.
Platforms Sega Dreamcast


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