Codename: ICEMAN

Codename: ICEMAN

1989 (12/31/1989)

Genre: Aventure, Simulation

Codename: ICEMAN (pronounced as "Iceman") is a graphical adventure game made with the SCI engine and published by the American computer game company Sierra On-Line in 1989. The lead designer was Jim Walls, who also created several Police Quest games. Mention of a "Codename: PHOENIX" in Sierra promotional material suggests that ICEMAN was meant to be the first part of a Codename series, but disappointing sales ended the would-be franchise after one game. One of ICEMAN's most notable features is t…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/31/1989
Developer Sierra On-Line
Genre Aventure, Simulation
Publisher Sierra On-Line
Platforms Atari ST,Amiga,Microsoft Dos
Engine SCI


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