Cosmic Conflict

Cosmic Conflict

1978 (12/31/1983)

Genre: Première personne, Tir

Cosmic Conflict from 1978 is the 11th official game released for the Philips Videopac console (known as Magnavox Odyssey² in the United States). The game is a 2D shooter that allowed one or more players along with one choosable skill level to play. The plotline for the game was very basic (as with many games of the period), in which the player was a commander of the Centurion, an Earth Federation starship that guards a remote corner of the galaxy and defend against the alien invasion fleet tryin…

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1983
Developer Philips
Genre Première personne, Tir
Publisher Magnavox,Philips


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Cosmic Conflict! Download Free Game - Ocean of Games
Cosmic Conflict! Download Free Game - Ocean of Games
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