Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

1992 (03/01/1992)

Genre: Plate-forme

He’s green with red spots, has suction cups for hands, and he’s got an overbite! His name is Cosmo and he is a young alien on his way to visit a world-famous amusement park with his parents. That is, until their ship is struck by a blazing comet, forcing them to land on an uncharted planet. While his Dad repairs the ship, Cosmo heads off to explore the strange planet. Upon returning, both his Mom and Dad are gone, and big, scary alien footprints are all around his ship! Oh no! Have Cosmo's paren…

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Release date 03/01/1992
Developer Apogee Software
Genre Plate-forme
Publisher Apogee Software
Platforms Microsoft Dos


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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure


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