Creatures 3

Creatures 3

1999 (01/01/2000)

Genre: Vie

Creatures 3 is the third game in the Creatures a-life game series made by Creature Labs. In this installment, the Shee have left Albia in a spaceship, the Shee Ark, to search for a more spherical world. The Ark was abandoned by the Shee because a meteor hit the ship, but the infrastructure still remains in working order. There are 6 main "metarooms" on the ship; the Norn Terranium, Grendel Jungle, Ettin Desert, Marine area, Bridge, and Engineering Room. The Norn Terranium is where you can safely…

Credits Release date

Release date 01/01/2000
Developer Creature Labs
Genre Vie
Publisher Mindscape
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Linux,Apple Mac
Engine CAOS Linux


Test Creatures 3 sur PC 12/23/2016

Retrouvez le test de Creatures 3 sur PC du 11/01/2000. La série Creatures, c'est un peu comme les logiciels de reconnaissance vocale. Chaque mouture est censée...



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Total 75 / 100



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