Crusader: No Regret

Crusader: No Regret

1996 (09/01/1996)

Genre: Action

No Regret begins 46 hours after the events of No Remorse. The Silencer’s escape pod is picked up by a freighter that is headed to the WEC penitentiary mining facility on the Moon, where political dissidents and Resistance members are held. The mining operation there is the key to destabilizing the entire WEC structure from within, and this is why Chairman Draygan himself is overseeing the program. The Resistance has also managed to install a cell on the Moon and is trying to delay the Di-Corelli…

Credits Release date

Release date 09/01/1996
Developer Origin Systems
Genre Action
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Microsoft Dos


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Crusader: No Regret


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