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Genre: Tir

Cyberun is a ZX Spectrum video game ostensibly developed by Ultimate Play the Game and published by U.S. Gold in 1986. Although not part of the Jetman series, it has similarities to Jetpac in that the player must construct their spaceship from parts, then seek out resources and power-ups. Unlike other Ultimate titles, Cyberun was not written by the partnership of Tim and Chris Stamper.

Credits Release date

Release date 1986
Developer Disputed; see main article
Genre Tir
Publisher Ultimate Play the Game
Platforms Amstrad CPC


Rare : Une playlist "35th Anniversary Collection" disponible sur les plateformes de streaming 08/07/2020

Le studio Rare vous propose de retrouver plusieurs de ses grands classiques musicaux dans un album baptisé 35th Anniversary Collection. La collection



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