Dead Moon

Dead Moon

1991 (02/01/1992)

Genre: Action, Tir

Dead Moon (デッドムーン 月世界の悪夢, Tsuki Sekai no Akumu, lit. "Nightmare of the Moon World") is a video game released for the TurboGrafx-16. It was developed by T.S.S. and published by Natsume, released on February 22, 1991 in Japan and later in 1991 in North America. It is a horizontally scrolling shooter with the player piloting a space ship in order to stop an alien infestation of the Moon. The game was released on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console to all regions in 2007.

Credits Release date

Release date 02/01/1992
Developer Natsume, Zap
Genre Action, Tir
Publisher Natsume


Dead Moon sur Nec PC Engine 11/11/2008

Après qu'une météorite se fut échouée sur la Lune, une forme de vie nouvelle a été découverte. Forcément, il sont très méchants, alors il faut aller leur...



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