Death Crimson OX

Death Crimson OX

2001 (06/10/2001)

Genre: Action, Tir

Death Crimson OX (デスクリムゾン オックス, Desu Kurimuzon Okkusu) is a light gun shooting game developed by Ecole. It was released in arcades in 2000 then ported to the Dreamcast console in 2001 (published by Sammy Entertainment), several months after Sega had dropped support for the console. It is the third game in the Death Crimson series, and the only one to be released outside Japan. The game can be played with either a standard controller or a light gun. The game was also released as Guncom 2 in Euro…

Credits Release date

Release date 06/10/2001
Developer Ecole
Genre Action, Tir
Publisher Ecole,Sammy,Play It
Platforms PlayStation 2,Arcade,Sega Dreamcast


Death Crimson OX jeu Dreamcast 04/22/2017

Death Crimson OX dans les jeux video Dreamcast : test, tests des membres, astuces et solution du jeu Death Crimson OX. Regarder les videos, images et fonds d'écran...



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