Dekitate High School

Dekitate High School

1995 (07/07/1995)

Genre: Stratégie

Dekitate High School (できたてハイスクール) is a Super Famicom video game that was released to an exclusively Japanese market in 1995 and was considered to be the first "high school simulation" video game to be released for the Super Famicom. Famed Japanese illustrator Nishiki Yoshimune would draw the cover art for the game while the actual character design was done by the in-house staff at C-Lab. The game involves going through a day of high school in Japan as a teacher while managing a star pupil to go…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 07/07/1995
Developer C-Lab
Genre Stratégie
Publisher Bullet Proof Software


Dekitate High School 01/05/2016

Dekitate High School est un jeu de gestion, ou vous incarnez un prof/principal de lycée qui prend sous son aile protectrice une jeune écolière à choisir au tout...



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