2009 (09/15/2009)

Genre: Interactive art

.detuned is a demoscene project by the German demogroup .theprodukkt (also known as Farbrausch), released on the PlayStation 3. It was initially released on September 20, 2009 in Japan, and on October 15 in Europe and North America. It is the second demo released on the PlayStation 3 after Linger in Shadows. .detuned features a man sitting in a chair surrounded by a psychedelic environment. The player can switch into various modes, and using the trigger buttons and right analogue stick, apply ce…

Credits Release date

Release date 09/15/2009
Developer .theprodukkt
Genre Interactive art
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platforms PlayStation 3
Engine Altona


.detuned : Review d'un jeu au concept très (trop ?) original

gamergen.com 10/16/2009

Découvrez le concept de la nouvelle expérience PlayStation : .detuned



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