Dough Boy

Dough Boy

1984 (01/11/1986)

Genre: Action

Doughboy (ダウ・ボーイ, Dauboi) is a Commodore 64 video game by Ken Coates released in North America in 1984. A direct port for the Famicom was released in Japan in 1985 with the spelling changed to Dough Boy. Doughboy is a nickname given to American soldiers during the First World War because they would often rush into battle while wearing white dust on them; this originated in the Mexican-American War of 1848 when they had to march through the deserts of northern Mexico.

Credits Release date

Release date 01/11/1986
Developer Synapse Software
Genre Action
Platforms Commodore 64,Nintendo Nes


Dough Boy 12/19/2013

Dough Boy est un jeu d'action sorti sur Nintendo NES. Vous êtes infiltré dans un camp militaire ennemi, et vous devez trouver la sortie une fois avoir éliminé la...



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Download Dough Boy (Commodore 64) - My Abandonware
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Download Dough Boy (Commodore 64) - My Abandonware
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