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Dung Beetles

Dung Beetles

Genre: Aventure, Labyrinthe

Dung Beetles is an Apple II maze game by Bob Bishop published in 1982 by Datasoft. The gameplay is similar to Pac-Man, but a portion of the maze around the player-controlled character is enlarged as if being viewed through a square magnifying lens. Dung Beetles was ported to Atari 8-bit family and the TRS-80 Color Computer. The Color Computer version was sold by Tandy and renamed Mega-Bug. The Mega Bug port was programmed by Steve Bjork. Later versions for both the Apple II and Atari were named …

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Release date 1982
Developer Datasoft
Genre Aventure, Labyrinthe
Publisher Datasoft,Tandy,Gentry Software


Live patch du 25/02/2020: Ruination of Tazoon 02/25/2020

Après de longs mois de développement et 4 Delta correctives, les serveurs réguliers ont reçu le nouveau contenu. La belle Tazoon a été réduite en...



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