Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest

Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest

Genre: Jeu de rôle

Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest is a modified version of Dungeon Master for the TurboGrafx/PC Engine video game console. It was released on September 18, 1992 in Japan, with a North American release following the next year. The main goal of the game is Theron finding seven parts of a blue knight's armor (Shield Defiant, Taza Poleyn, Tazahelm, Taza Boots, Taza Armor, Soulcage, The Retaliator), each of which is located in one of seven mini dungeons.

Credits Release date

Release date 1992
Developer FTL Games,Software Heaven
Genre Jeu de rôle
Publisher Victor Interactive Software


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