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Genre: Tir

Dystopia is a team-based, objective-driven, first-person shooter video game, developed as a total conversion modification on the Valve's proprietary Source engine. It is based on the cyberpunk literary and aesthetic genre; somewhat based on popular role-playing game Shadowrun, created by an amateur development team and released to the public for free. Its first playable build was released on September 9, 2005, after a year of planning and nine months of development. The first full version of Dys…

Credits Release date

Release date 2005
Developer Team Dystopia Puny Human
Genre Tir
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Engine Source engine


Carnet rose - 103, ou le petit théâtre mental de Lily 07/19/2018

Fondé il y a tout juste un an en Australie, le studio Dystopia Interactive veut offrir au peuple des expériences ludiques mémorables porteuses de messages profonds.



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